Monday, April 19, 2010

Production and Operation Management - 1

1. ___________ is defined an autonomous defeats control. It is realized by quality control of the products and autonomous defeats control. It is stabilized through quality circles. Select any one of the following:

a. Auto motion
b. Mechanization
d. Rational section

2. The type and quantity of material required are entered on a material requisition from called __________.

a. A kanhon
b. Andan
c. Yo-I-don
d. Justin Time

3. Yo-I-don mean _ _ _ _ _ _ _

a. Ready set Go
b. Start & Go
c. Get set Go
d. Quick start Go

4. __________ is considered a universal core —- monotony & therefore this is used to rotate —- synchronous with balancing of production operations.

a. Job rotation
b. Jon Evaluation
c. Meritt rating
d. Jobs satisfaction

5. Split – Core picking sis also referred to as _______.

a. Broken
b. Un broken Core
c. Semi Broken picking
d. Full picking

6. ________ involves picking order throughout the entire picking area.

a. Tom picking
b. Group picking
c. Travel picking
d. Picnic picking

7. In _________ order are routed from zone to zone in sequence whether or not there are picks to be made in any particular zone.

a. Chaining
b. Fastening
c. Sledging
d. Swinging

8. _________ is characterized by relatively large quantities of many item.

a. Retail order
b. Wholesale order
c. Monopoly order
d. Olga poly order

9. Cycle time reduction improved accommodate by, higher for sale, etc are value in improving customer service and provide _________ advantage.

a. Competitive
b. Monopolize
c. Imperfect competition
d. Perfect competition

10. Many of the benefits of mechanization and methods improvement in order fulfillment operation cannot be smart full and expressed is ____________ term.

a. Monetary
b. Pecuniary
c. Primary
d. Secondary

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